Doggy Decor (How We Did It)

Doggy decor

No, I’m not talking about decorating with dogs (like that cute little Pottery Barn lab statue that I’m coveting).  Instead, I’m talking about the decorating done last week by ours truly, Frankie the dog.

doggy decor

He looks innocent enough and he is always so well-behaved.  But something got into him last week. Apparently, he thought that the curtains on our glass slider needed a little adjustment.

doggy curtains

So, he went to town…and the next morning, this is what we found:

doggy curtains

He was feeling pretty guilty as he watched the crime scene documentation from outside…

But it was too little, too late.  You see, I have the evidence that he has been plotting this ever since Thanksgiving:

doggy decor post

We have no idea what got into him.  This is the dog that has been known to bring our shoes on the bed to cuddle with them instead of chew them!  The worst part is that there was no evidence of fabric anywhere, so he must have ate it.  No wonder he had to go out so badly that morning…

We searched Target this weekend for a replacement of the mouse-grey faux silk panels that I found there 2 years ago.  But no luck, and they are not available online anymore. And so, it looks like I am forced to come up with a new solution for our dining area window treatments…

Now tell me, what do you think of Frankie’s handiwork?  Do you have any funny dog decorating tales?  Please share. Frankie would really like to know that he is not alone!

P.S. Some of you have asked about Frankie, so let me take the opportunity to share that we adopted him just about 6 years ago from a humane society in Vermont and we think that he is about 7 years old.  He is a plot hound/lab mix who is a complete bundle of love.  He most enjoys chasing his ball and sleeping under blankets.  And before the curtains, he has never done any damage to our home!  Have any other questions?  We want to hear them!

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