Project Week: Curtain Call

Curtain Call

I’m not much of a thespian, but even I know that the curtain call comes at the end of a performance.  And so, it’s fitting that the new sleek white curtains for the guest bedroom makeover were the last thing I accomplished during Project Week.

Going for a clean, crisp relaxing feel for the guest bedroom, white curtains were a must.

But not just any curtain would do.  My hunt for a brisk linen window dressing yielded me with options that were not quite right, or not within the budget I set for the total room makeover.

curtain call

As I pondered what to do, I eyed my trusty sewing machine, gathering dust in the guest bedroom closet. It was begging me to use it. So, I set out to some of the local fabric stores and finally found just what I was looking for at the Maine-legend-of-a-store: Marden’s.  I left with 12 yards of fabric for only $30.  That was less than one panel would cost for the curtains I was eyeing online.  Deal.

Now, if only I could keep myself focused enough to fold, iron and sew 16 straight lines…

Here’s how I did it.  I divided my 45″ wide fabric into quarters to make 4 panels, giving me 9 feet for each (my ceilings are only 8 feet, so this would give me plenty of room to mess up without ruining the whole project).

I moved the existing hardware up a few inches and then measured that the final panels should be 86″.  With plenty of fabric to spare, I trimmed off some of the extra and then made the following 4 folds for each of the 4 panels, ironing each fold as I went.

curtain folds

First I sewed the top and bottom, then the sides.  The result: four panels that were ready to be hung with some curtain clips.  Ta da!

curtain decor

Don’t the curtains look nice in front of my newly mounted bamboo matchstick blinds?  Maybe my sewing machine and I can be BFFs, after all.

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