It probably doesn’t surprise you that we crafted, designed, made or sewed everything we could for the big day, and the DIY details are what we want to share with you.  But first, won’t you put your feet up, raise your champagne glass and virtually join us for a look back on our big day? (You can also view the video here on Vimeo)

There were so many great things about our day, but the best of all was the love and friendship that surrounded us.  New Year’s Eve was on a Monday night, so many of our guests spent the whole weekend in Quebec, enjoying the city and getting to know each other.  Most of the guests stayed at the Hotel Clarendon, where our reception was held, so we were constantly running into people we knew in the halls.  It was like we had rented one big mansion for all of our closest friends and relatives!  It meant so much to have everyone in our favorite city with us, and those who couldn’t travel were certainly there in full spirit.

Now that you are all teary eyed, we can get to the DIY details…

Let’s start off with the dress. My gown came with a very wide and long wrap, with matching bead work on each end.  My super-talented mom transformed the wrap into the perfect bolero to keep me warm (and decent) as I made my way down the aisle, complete with beading on the cuffs.   She also made my veil.

And we’re not done with my mom’s endless talents.  She also made five faux-fur shrugs for the bridesmaids…

…and her own mother-of-the-bride gown!

And then we go to a whole slew of Erin-made paper items…


Table numbers:

Favor tags:

Escort cards, menus and programs:

And then there were centerpieces and other decorations:

And this post could not be complete without mentioning those amazing star lanterns that my sister Holly made…by hand…amazing…

Thanks to our many DIY projects, we were able to keep our wedding costs down, while adding a ton of personal touches and flair.  And we’d do it all again if we could!

Pssst…want more?  check our our “how we met” stories (hers and his)!

All professional photos by Jonathan Robert


  1. Your wedding looks beautiful, and I love your invitations a ton! I wanted to do something similar with pockets like that, but also want to design and make them myself, and was wondering if you had them made for you, or did it yourself? And if you did do it yourself, if you had any pointers you’d be willing to give me?

  2. Hi Erin,

    I just stumbled across your blog when I was looking up spruced up vintage dressers. I love what you did to the one in your nursery – the numbered knobs are so cute! I can’t believe you purchased it for $10! I also just noticed that you got married NYE and was so excited because I am currently planning our wedding which is this NYE – so exciting!

    I will definitely be following along your blog!


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