erin 3

This is me, on my quest for life, love and the pursuit of domestic happiness.

Being a domestically-inclined girl often gets a bad rap.  For the past 30 years, I’ve been told that I can do anything and be anyone.  And, it’s true—-I can.  But, being a career gal doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy, and find fulfillment in, the simple pleasures of domesticity (cooking, cleaning, crafting, organizing and etiquette-ing!).

Truth be told, you can make your cake and eat it, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my day job as a public relations and fundraising professional, but I also adore having house guests, finding the best new recipe, knitting a baby blanket (albeit partial, stored in the closet and never gifted), bargain shopping, attempting home improvement projects, creating spreadsheets for our home finances and organizing my filing cabinet.

While I am a Jill of all domestic trades, I am a master of none (just ask the dozen house plants I’ve murdered).  In year six of marriage, year three of motherhood,  and year seven of home-ownership, I am well on my way as I pursue domestic happiness.

I hope you enjoy my adventure, and perhaps even learn from some of my mistakes experiences as I juggle life, love, motherhood, career and home economics.