Dinosaur Rawr Four Cake

This post is legitimately one year late.  It was 323 days ago, in fact, that I made a dinosaur cake for Ike’s fourth birthday.  But, in the spirit of trying to getting my blog caught up with my life, I’m sharing it now…just six short weeks away from the kid’s fifth birthday.

(Please, everyone, join me in saying “how could it have been five years!?”)

Sure, I could start by updating all of you on our move, the sale of two houses and all that jazz, but let’s start with cake.  There is that whole thing about eating dessert first, no?


With dinosaurs being all the rage for our biggest little guy last year, and fresh with a new Silhouette courtesy of Santa, I cut out some colorful dinosaurs to create a rawr-worthy cake topper.  And a silver bunting.  Because who doesn’t want a silver paper bunting for their birthday?


The birthday boy requested an orange cake with chocolate frosting, so I obliged by adding orange food coloring to my go-to white cake recipe.  I bought the white, green and orange candy toppers at the party store.  Truthfully, I had been looking for candy rocks (which apparently no on has on hand the day after Christmas) but I liked the end result just as well.

And, so did this guy.  Raise your hand if you love dinosaurs!


The boy has requested a dinosaur cake for his fifth birthday, as well, so now to dream up something bigger and better…



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