Ike’s Elephant Chair

File this post under “cool projects made by someone else,” because you know I don’t have the artistic talents to paint a chair like this.

I have lots of talents, don’t get me wrong, but painting/drawing realistic things like elephants just isn’t one of them.  My family members have artistic talent, though.  You’ve seen the growth chart my sister made (she now sells these on Etsy, by the way), and now we have the hand-painted chair created by my grandmother.

She has been painting these chairs for all of her great-grandchildren, and Ike was happy to receive his on Christmas morning!

In the time since, “his chair” has become a regular around every room of our house.  It gets moved to the entryway for prime snow shoveling viewing…


And into the kitchen to help with cooking.  He likes to say, “I cook for us, Momma!”


Dishes to be done? A bath to give the baby?  Laundry to be loaded?  Coloring to be done at the coffee table?  The chair is there.  It’s everywhere. He carries it around like a pro.

We’re thrilled to have such a beautiful piece in our home, and equally thrilled that my grandmother painted the chair for durability.  I’m not sure what she coated it with, but the chair is holding up to the Ike circus quite well.  So, not only is it an heirloom, it’s one that Ike can touch and use.

My grandmother even signed the chair, so Ike has his first piece of official art!

Between this chair and his nursery, Ike has truly mastered the word, “elephant.”

Now we can’t wait to see what my grandmother paints for Lincoln in a couple of years.  Oh, the boys and their chairs.



  1. Jenny Sue says:

    How sweet! What a wonderful grandmother Ike has. My older son received a step stool for Christmas (not hand painted or anything special) but he loves to carry it around the house for various purposes also!!

  2. Lisa H. says:

    Thanks for sharing! This post drew me to your blog today from my reading list, and then through seven degrees of blogging separation, I wound up discovering the perfect inspiration image for a quilt I want to make for my son. As I titled tonight’s post: blogging breeds ideas!

    PS: I adore the picture of Ike on Christmas morning. It’s one of those shots you know you’ll always cherish. Too cute!

  3. What a fantastic heirloom! Your grandma is super talented. Do you narrowly avoid spraining an ankle during a game of toddler musical chairs like I do? I swear, my seats never end the day in the same spot they were in during breakfast. :)

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