Kitchen Gadget Superlatives

As a blogger, I don’t really need a rational reason to have an afternoon photo shoot with some of my favorite kitchen gadgets.  But, it makes me sound just a little more sane if there is a reason, right?  Well, in this instance the reason is a fun link-up party hosted by Centsational Girl.  That’s right.  All across the blogosphere, crazy people like me are showing off their favorite kitchen gadgets.  I’m here to share mine, superlative style.

Before I jump in, let me tell you that I am a minimalist when it comes to kitchen gadgets.  I really don’t have that many.  I just barely picked up a proper grater (to make these zucchini bites).  So, suffice it to say, the gadgets I have are gadgets I use. Let’s get started, shall we?

The sharpest
Let me introduce you to my little friend, the Zyliss pizza slicing wheel.

When you have family homemade pizza night every Friday night like we do, this tool comes in handy.  With a few quick swipes, I can effortlessly zip through the thickest of crusts.  This is also helpful for slicing random food (grilled cheese sandwiches, french toast, etc.) into toddler-sized bites.  You can easily take it apart for cleaning, but I usually put it in the dishwasher fully assembled and the whole thing comes out sparkling.

The least appetizing
You might not know this about me, but I make a mean gravy.  And, like it or not, making a mean gravy means dealing with fat (as in separating fat from the broth of a freshly roasted turkey).  It’s gross (I know) but necessary.  And this is where the magic fat separating happens:

Yes, it may look like a glorified measuring cup, but there are some key elements.  The gray insert on top is a strainer to keep random roasted pieces out of your gravy.  And the black stopper in the spout magically keeps fat out of the spout so you can drain out just the broth.  Whoever created this is a genius.

The best multi-tasker
If you make apple pies by hand-peeling and slicing your apples, then please allow me to make your acquaintance with the handy-dandy apple peeler and slicer.  That’s right, it happens all at once.

Bonus points if you noticed that this picture is from before we installed our new sink!

This gadget suctions right to your counter and magically makes apple peeling easy (and even a little bit fun).  As an added bonus, you can also use this gadget to peel potatoes (you just move the coring and slicing mechanism to the side).

The most surprising
I have to admit, when I put this strawberry slicer on our wedding registry, I thought I was falling for a gimmick.  But, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  If you’re anything like me, slicing strawberries by hand is the one thing that stands between you and strawberry shortcake or strawberry rhubarb pie.  That’s where this tool comes in handy.

The slicer whips through berries and produces nice even slices.  It’s especially helpful when you go strawberry picking and have a gazillion berries to freeze.  Trust me.

And another handy feature is that you can fill up the container and measure out your berries at the same time.  It makes it very easy to cut up the two cups of berries you might need for muffins.

The smoothest
Now that my baby food pureeing days are behind me, my Cuisinart hand blender sees a lot less use, but it is still my go-to choice for smoothies or blending.

This tool makes fast work for pureeing fruits and vegetables.  I’ve also used it to puree soup, or to mix up pesto our sauce for a meal.  Unlike traditional blenders, it only has a few parts, stores easily, and cleans up well.  The container and the bottom half of the blender goes right in the dishwasher!

So now that I’ve spilled my gadget goodness, tell me all about yours.  Do you have a gadget you can’t live without?  One that you wish you had passed over?

And if you’re always looking for new inspiration for kitchen tools, head on over to Centsational Girl to see all the other bloggers who are linking up for the Kitchen Gadget party.


  1. I’m a kitchen gadget lover, but I don’t have several of these. I’ve been thinking of picking up a hand blender for a while for soups, but haven’t bit the bullet. And the one thing that comes between me and strawberry shortcake or strawberry rhubarb pie? The fact that I’m intimidated and lazy. 😉 I’ve never sliced a strawberry in my life.

    You are my hero. Making homemade cakes and pies and such. Love it!

  2. Glynda says:

    I didn’t catch the exact name of the apple peeler? and where to get it? Thanks so much! I have a daycare and I would love to have this~

  3. Tabitha says:

    I LOVE my Zyliss pizza slicer and immersion blender, too. So handy for making toddler and baby food. Have you ever been to Sur La Table? Kitchen gadget HEAVEN! I have to say that my fav. gadget is an antique nut grinder that belonged to my great aunt. It’s old and doesn’t work well, but the sentimental value is up there, and it’s this great aqua shade from the 50’s-60’s. Just found your blog, and love it!

  4. Amy E. says:

    my mother has a slicer similar to your strawberry slicer (except without the nifty catch container). she uses hers for hard boiled eggs mostly so that she can make quick egg salad sandwiches.

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