Painted pumpkin predicament

These pumpkins and gourds were destined to be metallic and gracing my Thanksgiving table…



…kind of like these guys…




…but I opted for oil-rubbed bronze paint in lieu of gold, because that’s what I had on hand.


They didn’t look terrible out in the sunlight.  But once they were inside, Chris’ question of, “Why did you paint them black?” confirmed that these pumpkins would be better suited for Halloween than Thanksgiving.

On to plan B…


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love how you keep it real, Erin! That is totally something I would do. I guess you could always re-spray them gold. Better luck next time

  2. Heather says:

    Yes! Thanks for keeping it real. Pinterest makes us all fearlessly crafty, and while that’s a good thing, it’s not always true! I should tell you about the bumps I had making my Scrabble tile coasters for Christmas. The story involves my novice skills at spraying adhesive. :)

  3. Kelly Foy says:

    Can’t say where, but I saw someone on some “talk-show” paint gourds black and use them as a set for a Thanksgiving table. May have been on CityLine or the Marilyn Denis Show (I’m Canadian and our Thanksgiving was a while ago!). They might look nice as long as you use lots of colour in your place settings!!

  4. Jen says:

    We did this for my wedding. I think we painted 30 pumpkins gold for each table at the reception. Too much fun. I’ll bet you could go over them in gold. It’s worth a shot. 😉

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