Color me a cute case

In my opinion, everything is better if it comes with a cute little case.  Including crayons.

What was the occasion for such a cute little case, you ask?  Well, Ike and I had plans to spend some time with these two gals at their home in Hershey, PA (you might remember those adorable faces from their visit to Maine last summer.)

(FYI - a package of wipes is the best baby toy ever invented.)

And if there is anything better than one cute case, it is two cute cases.  One for Erin (the sweet girl pictured on the left, not me) and her little sister Nora.

I decided to make matching crayon rolls and identify them with an “E” and an “N.”  These girls are well behaved, but I didn’t want any crayon-roll competition or envy.  I have experience with sisters, so I know how these things work.

I used this cute butterfly print that I’ve had on hand for a while.  It was just waiting for the perfect occasion. And the polka-dot print is left over from Ike’s quilt binding.

I should note that, as usual, this is far from an original idea.  I saw it first when Kim made up her own version for colored pencils, and then I found this great tutorial and followed it closely.  It was as easy as could be—I made two in less than an hour.

The girls seemed quite pleased with their crayon rolls.  So, if you are sewing savvy, you should definitely consider this project for the kiddos in your life.

Do you appreciate a cute little case as much as I do?



In real life


Modern and nautical baby quilt


  1. They came out so well! What a great little project. I’ve pinned it for future reference. Right now Junior would probably just break the crayons in half. :)

  2. I love this idea! So much cuter than those yellow boxes they come in. I bet you all had lots of fun coloring!

    Emily | Adas Interior Design

  3. Cute! I made a similar version with colored pencil for Ryan’s cousin. Super fun project!

    And Ike is getting SO big. Such a handsome guy.

  4. And here I am telling you about my other project like this and you linked to that project all along. Duh! Caught red-handed skimming the text.


  5. Those are so cute. It was very smart, and nice of you, to include their initials. My sister and I would have been those sisters to which you are referring. I’ve thought of making those crayon cases before but I figured they never really get put back correctly?

  6. kate

    Too cute – this project is on my short list once T gets older, and actually uses crayons, not eats them. And btw – the blog world comes full-circle…Cindy, of SkipToMyLou, is a family friend of ours! :)

  7. Seriously? You are amazing. I need to pick up the old needle. And then you have to tell me what to do with it, evidently. 😉

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