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Feb 2 / Erin

The 1950s called…

…they want their housewife back…

My day used to be filled with things like meetings, phone calls and running from work to class to doctor appointments.  These days, maternity leave affords me enough down time at home that I am doing things like…sewing buttons.  Yes, I’ve promised my husband for months (maybe even a year?) that I would sew buttons onto the shirts where they fell off.  And now I am actually doing it!  Good thing I actually enjoy this whole domesticity gig.

I mean, it is snowing AGAIN, so what else am I supposed to do?

Please ignore my cuticles.

Bonus points if you sew in the same direction as the stitches with which the other buttons are attached!

Can you believe that this task that I’ve been putting off for months only took 10 minutes?

For my next trick, I’ll be darning socks.


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  1. Allison / Feb 2 2011

    Your post reminds me that I’ve promised my husband to sew a few buttons on his shirts! I’ve also put it off. Thanks for the reminder. I will do it today!

  2. I’ve promised my husband to sew a liner into board shorts for him for three years now. At this point I think I should drop them at Goodwill on my way to buy him a new pair ;)

  3. Kim@NewlyWoodwards / Feb 2 2011

    I don’t even think I’ve sewn a button on, ever. I take them to the dry cleaner. That’s my dirty little secret.

    Ryan has a bunch of work pants that need patched. They’ve been torn for more than a year. I just don’t really wanna do it. I think that pants have outlived their life expectancy. So they sit there.

  4. cailen / Feb 2 2011

    it’s fun playing 1950s housewife. nice button-sewing : )

  5. Elle / Feb 2 2011

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard something say, “excuse my cuticles.”

  6. Elle / Feb 2 2011

    Or even someone, because chances are that I will never hear “something” say that phrase.

  7. Elizabeth / Feb 2 2011

    I had to give a “how-to” speech in my H.S. public speaking class and my topic was how to sew on a button. The funny part is I still fram this work out to my mom or the local laundramat. I’m bad!

  8. Rachel / Feb 2 2011

    My Dad proudly showed me his socks at Christmas which HE had darned himself! Who would have guessed it?

  9. Heather / Feb 2 2011

    I am impressed with your button prowess and your use of maternity leave! And I’m sure the hubs will be glad to have those shirts back in rotation. (Mine always is…)

  10. So funny! Reattaching buttons is also one of those things I always put off. Then one day I will just sit down with eight things and take care of it all at once. {Usually while watching Clueless, or some comparably classic chick flick.}

  11. What sweet memories your picture brought back. I don’t have any buttons to replace anymore. What a wonderful thing family is and how fulfilling our role as mother/helpmate can be if we look at it right.

  12. See and people keep telling me I won’t get anything done on maternity leave except feed and change diapers!! Glad to see that isn’t the case! How much time did you take off?

  13. Shannon / Feb 8 2011

    Isn’t it awesome? I did all my ironing during this morning’s nap and opened the closet no less than 3 times to see all the colorful shirts hanging when I was done. It’s the small things these days ;)

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