The Nursery Reveal

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After I was up at least five times Friday night to use the bathroom, Chris and I were both wide awake at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning.  I sent him out in the dark 9-degree weather to get bacon and ice cream while I made waffles.  It was the first time I really felt like a stereotypical pregnant woman and it only took 9 months to get there!

Our nursery also took about 9 months to finish, but seeing how we started with down-to-the-studs walls, we’ll give ourselves a break.  And now our big nursery reveal is here!  Sit down and get comfortable, because this could take a while…

Here is the view from the door:

And then the view of the opposite side of the room.

Do you love it?  I do.

It is all the yellow and gray goodness that I had hoped for when I set out to design our nursery scheme back in August.  It is colorful and playful with lots to look at, yet also soothing and comfortable.  Chris and I have spent several hours over the past few weeks just sitting in the room and relaxing.  Let’s be honest, right now the room is mostly for us me anyway.  Our little guy won’t care much about design for a few years, if ever, so for now it is a space where we can feel cozy hanging out, reading, playing and feeding.

Shall we get into some of the details?

Our crib is centered on the back wall and framed by an on-clearance mirror that we originally scored at Lowe’s and then stole from the guest room (sorry, guests).   Over on the right is a slim green floor lamp that I also found at Lowe’s.

Our larger-than-life mobile is made of some fun poms from PomLove on Etsy and some of the fantastic star lanterns that my sister Holly made for our wedding.

And looking down low, our crib is skirted with my DIY crib skirt made with some fun yellow print fabric.  (Update: I eventually made coordinating crib bumpers and a quilt.)

Over to the right we have our little reading nook.  Truth be told, the room is not exactly finished yet because we have a sweet rocking chair that Chris’ grandmother used and we haven’t quite finished touching it up yet.  But that gives me an excuse to do more nursery posts later, right?

But we do have our DIY book slings in place featuring some green dot fabric by Amy Butler.

And above that we have some DIY art made by me and my crafty friend Shyla.

Continuing on around the room we have our bright yellow changing table and dresser that truly makes the room for me.  I could not be more happy with how this beat-up Craigslist find turned into the perfect sun-shiny yellow piece for our room.  And, the numbered knobs (originally red and from Pottery Barn Kids) get rave reviews from all the people who have seen the room in person.

Above the changing table we have two floating shelves that I found on deal at Lowe’s and a small hanging rack.  They provide the perfect place for fun accessories and very necessary blankets, burp cloths and diapers.  At least we hear those things are necessary.  We know absolutely nothing at this point!

And back to the sitting area we go….

If you look closely on the closet doors, you can see that we used knob numbers 7 and 8 left over from the dresser.  They got a coat of yellow paint and work perfectly as door pulls.

Overhead you’ll see the oversized linen drum fixture (from CB2) that I just love, love, love.  It’s on a dimmer, too, so we can have nap-time mood lighting.

The sitting area is grounded by a simple area rug that I found on Overstock and the whole wall is framed by our fun and cute DIY cornices made with bright yellow elephant fabric.  They add such a pop of color near the ceiling and I just love them to pieces.  What can I say, I am partial to my own work.

And then there is the chair.  The chair as in Frankie’s old chair (for those of you who were worried, our pup Frankie has adjusted well to sharing his chair and he still enjoys hanging out in it when he remembers where it is).

This chair used to be dingy and green until I slipcovered it.  I didn’t do a whole post on the chair covering process, mostly because I can’t really tell you how I did it.  It took a lot of patience and brain power and I think I need to take on a few more slipcovering projects before I do a tutorial.  If you look closely you can even see that I did piping on the cushion covers.  Do I get bonus points?

In the end, I was glad that we used this chair instead of buying a new one.  It is super comfortable and it’s making use of a perfectly good piece of furniture that didn’t fit well anywhere else in our house.

I also whipped up a coordinating pillow cover with leftover cornice fabric.  Definitely bonus points for that, right?

The chair is made even more comfortable with this quick DIY ottoman that I made with leftover fabric.  Love this little guy.

I found the perfect side table at Overstock for about $30.  I love that it has a little drawer for stashing things away (you know, like nipple cream, which are two words that once upon a time I would never have imagined using in the same sentence, never mind next to each other.  So weird.).

Anyway, the table is perfect for a small stash of books, my little Goodwill white ceramic lamp topped with a green shade from Target, and a coaster for my feeding time sustenance.

And above the table we have my DIY embroidery hoop art featuring various fabrics and a yellow clock I found at Target.  I still need a battery for the clock otherwise it will perpetually be 10:12 in the nursery.

And I can’t round out this post without mentioning two of my favorite things in the room that have a ton of sentimental value.  First is this adorable growth chart that my sister made for us.  I know you want one of your own, but sorry, it was custom made for us! (UPDATE: My sister now sells this growth chart and other designs, including custom requests, in her Etsy shop!)

And second is the Ollie the Elephant doll.  My mom made this doll for me when I was a little girl and it was my original jumping off point for the whole nursery.  Of course, the doll was originally named Ellie and wore a cute pink dress and apron, but my mom kindly whipped up a new little boy outfit and we did a quick name change!

And now we are all just waiting, especially Frankie who can’t quite understand what this room is for.  I guess he will find out soon enough!

Before I get to the obligatory source list, I have to say that none of the projects I took on for this room were completely original.  Everything was either inspired by or copied from other rooms that I have seen and loved, most notably Graham’s Fabric Fabulous Nursery (oh, hello gray wall color, yellow cornices, embroidery hoop art and green accents!).  So please, if you see something you like here in this little nursery of ours, copy away!

Source list:

Grand total for outfitting, decorating and accessorizing: $844.99.

Best of all, I feel really good about how that money will work for us.  I purposely designed the room to be less infant feeling so that the design can last for years, and the big pieces can always be re-painted or slip covered to work elsewhere in the house.  The crib is designed to eventually work as a toddler bed, so our we’ll easily get our investment out of that piece.  Plus, we have a room that we just can’t wait to give to our little boy, and that is priceless (sniff, sniff).

And here ends the big nursery reveal.  What do you think?  Questions or comments, love mail or hate mail?  Leave ’em all below!


  1. wendy says:

    Your nursery is beautiful. Love the color choices and enjoyed how you toured us around the room and each project. Almost makes me want to have another baby! Happy Holidays and best wishes with a wonderful labor and meeting your baby on that special day!

  2. Wow!!! It’s absolutely awesome! I totally have light envy – that pendant is amazing. Your hard work totally paid off – it really looks professionally designed. Your boy is going to love all the personal touches you added!

  3. Allison says:

    It is so beautifully done, Erin! You did a fabulous job and your attention to detail is amazing. The yellow is fun and cheery. It is an adorable room! I love the photo of sweet Frankie. Now you can relax and wait for your wonderful bundle of joy to arrive. What a special Christmas gift!

  4. Lauren says:

    Oh Erin!! It looks so great! Everything is adorable and fits together so well! You guys are all set! All you need now is the baby! I love that the colors are not typical baby colors. Love it! Great job! :)

  5. Cheryl says:

    It is simply amazing…just like you! simply amazing. I think about you guys constantly and hear that baby boys love to be born when it’s snowing. xoxoxo

  6. erin, this is amazing! i am done having kiddos, but this makes me want a nursery so badly! it is done to perfection with the right amount of color. i found you through emily a clark and am anout to become your neweest follower! i look forward to seeing more from you!
    happy holidays!

  7. Shyla says:

    Erin – It looks awesome! You should be so proud. I love every inch of it. Thanks for the props on the elephant art too! Haha. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you the best of luck with the birth of your little man! Can’t wait to see pictures! Love, Shyla

  8. Oona says:

    I really don’t know which facet of this ridiculously wonderful room is my favorite! The book slings? The re-upholstered chair? The elephant cornices? The star lanterns (LOVE)? The pom poms? The superdeperstupendous new, yet old, dresser? The knobs? FRANKIE!?

    {Picture my voice getting squeakier and faster as I name of all of these awesome aspects!}

    I love it.

  9. Amy says:

    It’s beautiful! You’ve done a wonderful job here. It’s so fun to recognize the similarities to our Graham’s room (thanks for the nod!), but I must say, you’ve really made it your own. I love the clock in the hoop collage–too clever! Now, relax and enjoy that room (if you’re feeling anything like I did, you’ll just sit in there and feel all warm and excited waiting for baby)–it’ll soon be a little less restful (but much more fun!).

    • Erin says:

      Hi Sumeyye,

      The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Gray Horse (I had it color matched at Lowe’s and used Olympic’s no VOC paint).


      – e

  10. Megan says:

    I love it! I wish my daughter’s room was that complete when she was born. I tried but just couldn’t pull everything together. And honestly, it still isn’t because once they are born it’s hard to find time to finish… AND it takes backseat to the highest priority – your little baby! :)

  11. I simply love this nursery. I wish I could have thought of this when my boys were born. I am now trying to redo my 2yr old daughters nursery and I see some ideas here that can also be used in a big girl room. GREAT JOB!!!!!!! I am definitely now a follower.

  12. Erin says:

    I saw your dresser make over on Better After and was so impressed I decided to click over to your blog (I don’t usually cause I am lazy). Plus we share the same name so I knew you must be cool! :)

    I was totally right! Your nursery is amazing! I love everything about it. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    I am about about 3-4 weeks away from delivering a baby and I wish I had a room like this but since she is my fourth she is lucky to get a corner! haha.

    Good luck with the delivery and being a mom. You are going to love it!!

  13. Amy Jo says:

    Oh my gosh…I love this. But more than just this, I love your blog! I found your nursery reveal through the Young House Love blog, and your nursery is adorable! Then I started poking around old posts, and I absolutely love your blog! Excited to follow you in the weeks/months to come!

  14. Marcy says:

    I came across your nursery through YHL (via Babycenter) and while I’m not a fan of the yellow (never have been a fan of yellow), I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole concept and design. For some reason elephants are rising to the top of our inspiration list without us consciously thinking about it. The only unfortunate part – we’ve got no room for the baby and most likely won’t until a few months after he/she is born. D’oh! I’m going to be absolutely itching to try out some of your ideas once we have a house and a nursery to play with.

  15. Michelle says:

    I love this nursery!!! I am 19 weeks and am not going to find out what we are having. I have looked at so many pictures and tried to get ideas for something neutral, but still modern. I have no idea how I even stumble upon your blog. I think it was meant to be. The room I was going to use is already painted grey. I love how you included how to make everything and where you purchased all you bought. It makes trying to replicate so much easier. I hope you don’t mind me copying. Love it, love it, love it!!! I just wish I was as handy as you seem to be.


  16. This room is absolutely fabulous!!!! so worth the wait. You will have so many amazing moments with him in there, and before you know it he’ll be asking for a big boy room! :) But if you’re like me, it’ll take 9 years before you cave. :)

    Congrats on the project…and sweet baby!!

  17. YAY!! Great job, I love seeing the finished product. Everything looks so great but I think my favorite part is the yellow dresser. I am, afterall, quite partial to bright yellow dressers :) Love the knob pulls on yours though. Hubby is always asking me what drawer stuff is in and I would love to be able to say “it’s in #4!” Enjoy your beautiful space with your little man. It’s really the best thing ever.

  18. Jen says:

    I am obsessed with your nursery. The fact that you did everything on a budget with so much DIY makes me love it even more!!

    I have to thank you because I have been on hunt for the perfect fabric for curtains for my boy/girl twins room. I just ordered samples of the same elephant fabric in green and also samples of the same giraffe fabric. I was doing endless internet searches until I looked at your post on TheBump. BRAVO!! You should get referral credit from that website judging by all the comments about the fabric!!

    • Erin says:

      Hi Danielle,

      My sister used some mid-weight canvas fabric and hemmed around the edge (I actually think a paint drop cloth would work perfectly for this!). She then used oil paints to paint on the lines and the elephants (she is a real artist), but I think you could actually just use wall paint or anything else!

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

      – e

  19. Jami Graham says:

    WOW! This is amazing and obviously months late. We are trying to figure out how we’re going to do our nursery knowing that its going to be gray, pink and yellow. Seriously this makes me want to forgo the pink! You did a seriously wonderful job! I’ve already spent so much time reading your posts, love all you’re doing! :)

  20. Janna says:

    I forgot that you used the Eden Pendant lamp in your nursery too! Dontcha just love it?! P.S….LOVE your nursery, lots of great inspiration! I’m thinking of doing greys with a yellow/safron and peacock blue. We’ll see….the revealing ultrasound next week might change that. ha.

    You mentioned wanting to get another pendant for your dining room. I thought I’d pass along this link I found when researching how to hardwire it. I never would have thought of installing the pendant lamp like this, but I think it looks great, especially in a dining area. Thought you’d like to see too.

  21. Lauren says:

    I love your nursery! I did my daughter’s in the same Premier fabric line but with pink background and brown elephants. I am soooo in love with your elephant growth chart; I will have to see if I can recreate that in a pink and brown theme! That will be a challenge since your sister’s artistry skills are awesome! Love the idea of the embroidery hoops as well. I made an elephant mobile out of card stock but have been contemplating making a bunch of pink and brown pom poms as well. Enjoy your little man!

  22. Ashley says:

    Wow!!! I wish I would have found your blog about 8 months ago. My original plan for our first nursery was grey and yellow because I absolutely LOVE this color combo. I was pretty hesitant to roll with it though because I wasn’t sure I could find enough stuff for the room. I’m a pretty big DIY-er but don’t have much experience with sewing/fabrics, so that also helped to pull me away from the color theme. You don’t see many baby sheets, etc that are just yellow and grey. We went with pale yellow/green/blue for our nursery and its turning out to be great. I still have quite a few projects to complete, but I think I’ll get them done! I’m 34 weeks and only really have some wall decor and the mobile to finish up.
    Again – I love your nursery because of the colors and all of the elephants. I think I’ll take some time and browse around your blog cause it looks like you’ve got quite a few projects that I can see in my home!
    Great job!!

  23. Nikki says:

    I love this color scheme! But what did the rest of the bedding look like? Was it all done yourself or did you buy sheets etc that matched?

  24. Sandy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m expecting a baby this summer and looking for a gender neutral theme. Glad I found your blog. Lots of wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  25. ashley says:

    Absolutely love every idea in your nursery! I will be stealing all these ideas when I do mine. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas!

  26. Laleanne says:

    My son is due in August and we’re doing a grey, aqua, & yellow nursery with elephants and alligators. I absolutely LOVE your growth chart! It is so adorable. How great of your sister to make that for you. If she’s ever willing to get paid for her awesome work– let me know because I would pay good money for that cute chart. :)

  27. Christie says:

    LOVEEEEE this nursery!! I am doing gray/yellow for my first baby due in July! I love your cornices and Im gonna follow your step by step DIY instructions. I must admit, Im not very crafty! So, this might be a challenge for me. Can you tell me what the dimensions are for the small side pieces of wood for the cornices?? The pieces that you attached the the 6ft panel… Much appreciated!!
    And I absolutely adore your baby changing dresser! I was hunting for the number knobs but unfortunately they’re not being sold anymore. Great inspiration…thank you!!

    • Erin says:

      Hi Christie,

      Glad you like the cornices and I hope they work for you! My side pieces were 4.5″ wide (and 10″ tall, since I was using a 1×10 board). My best advice is to measure, measure again, and then measure once more :-)

      Good luck!


  28. Jennifer says:

    Wow I came across your page on Pinterest and love what you did with your nursery! I am hoping to pull in some ideas for my yellow and gray room I am planning! Ok so question…where did you find the white minky changing pad cover or did you make it? I am trying to find a nice white or yellow! Thanks!!!

  29. marjana (marianne says:

    Lovely room, perfect house.

    But- the most of all I adore Olie the elephant.

    Please, please, can you send me a template ?

    • Erin says:

      Hi Marjana,

      My mom made the doll for me probably about 20 years ago now, so I am sorry that we don’t have a template or pattern for it!

      – e

  30. Jill says:

    Hi, this is inspiration for our baby #2 (surprise gender)! Your blog came up when I googled “yellow elephant fabric”. Thanks!

  31. Dina says:

    Just love this. Having a boy as well and think the projects you completed are fantastic. This is a very inspiring room and I appreciate the details on how you pulled it together.

  32. Megan says:

    Hello. Very cute nursery. I have a similar color scheme going on in the nursery my husband and I are putting together. I have a question about your mobile. I am considering ordering poms from the same vendor to hang in the corner of the room. How are they hung? Does the vendor include a piece on the Pom to attach wire, string etc? I can see the tissue paper tearing otherwise.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Erin says:

      Hi Megan,

      Yes, the poms come with clear fish wire to hang them and it is very easy to do! I used clear thumbtacks to secure them to the ceiling and you can hardly notice them!

      Hope this helps! Best of luck with your nursery!


  33. Monica says:

    I know my comment is 2 years too late, but I just wanted to say that this is a gorgeous nursery, and I almost want to have another baby just to create this nursery. Wow! Awesome job!

  34. Janice says:

    It all looks so beautiful! I am painting my night stands Dandelion Wishes and I used some of the yellow and white slub fabric from too! I found you because I was searching for furniture painted in the same paint.

  35. Denna says:

    I have followed your blog for a long time and have always loved this nursery post. I am finally planning a nursery of my own and thinking of doing the poms over the crib. But am wondering how they held up over all this time? Did the thumbtacks hold for 2+ years? Do you have to fluff or dust them? Did you replace them with baby number 2 or are they still puffy and going strong? Thanks!

    • Erin says:

      Hi Denna,

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment! The poms have held up perfectly! The thumbtacks are still in place with no issues. I haven’t dusted/fluffed or touched them. I ordered more of them to go over baby #2’s crib, because the originals are still over Ike’s bed! Congrats and good luck on your nursery!!

      – e

  36. Vonnie says:

    Erin, you did great job! Love the whole room. My daughter is expecting my first grand baby. It will be little boy. We are looking into doing something that will last him a couple of years. Thank you for posting.

  37. Alyssa says:

    This room is adorable and the colors are so bright and cheery. I wanted to let you know that I am featuring this in a nursery roundup if you don’t mind.

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