Nursery book slings

{Pssst…find the full reveal of the finished nursery here!}

Yes, I am back with nursery project update number 998.  It seems like the never-ending room, doesn’t it?  I promise that there are some details that I am leaving for the final reveal, but in the meantime, here are my crafty book slings:

Like most things, I can’t take credit for the idea.  I originally saw the book slings in this beautiful nursery, which referred to a very handy tutorial.  I started out making the slings based on the dimensions offered by the tutorial, but they turned out to be too deep for my baby books.  So, I adjusted each of them, sizing the top sling for the smallest books and the bottom sling for slightly larger books.  Instead of cutting the fabric smaller, I just folded and sewed extra seams so that someday I can pull out those seams and the slings will once again be suitable for larger books.

The installation is super easy, thanks to these double rod holders and some wooden dowels, both of which were found at Lowe’s.  The dowels are 1/2″ wide by 4 ft. long.  I lucked out and found wall studs that were exactly 4-feet apart, so the slings are very sturdy (but the rod holders come with anchors so they can really go anywhere).

And here you can see the slings paired with the previously mentioned wall art, making a nice little reading nook.

I really loved the idea of the slings because you can see the covers and not just the book spines as you would on a regular book shelf.  When our little guy is old enough, he’ll be able to flip through the books and pick one out.  Plus, I imagine the slings make for easy clean up…you know, after every book has to be pulled out for examination.

What do you think?  Can you imagine using these in your home in a spot other than a child’s room?  I could see small slings next to a bedroom night stand or in a guest room to hold magazines and local visitors guides/maps.  Oh the possibilities…


  1. Caitlin says:

    This is ingenious! I can’t wait to try it. I am thinking about putting one over my kids art table to hold coloring books! Thanks so much for sharing this. Your baby is going to be one lucky little man :)

  2. What a great idea – so much safer than a bookcase that could fall on the kiddo (assuming they’re hung high enough so as not to become monkey bars. :) I agree that it would be a great idea for a guest room/bedroom.

    Your nursery is turning out so well! I’m quite impressed by all your energy and can’t wait to see the final product!

  3. Allison says:

    What a clever idea! I love that farbic that you used! Your little guy is going to have the most adorable nursery around, I can see all of the love and attention to detail you have put into it.

  4. Meri says:

    I’ve been saving some “loud” caveman fabric for my son’s room with no idea what to do. I have 3 yards and now I have an idea! Thank you.

  5. Robyn says:

    These are genius! I have a wall in my son’s room that I was just thinking what in the world will work here. This is perfect! I’ll have to do this after the holidays.

    You did a great job on the nursery.

  6. Kristin (Australia) says:

    Wow I love these!!!! I’ve been looking for racks for my DS3’s books for ages – I’m going to hit the sales, buy some great fabric and give them a go, thanks :)

    • Erin says:

      Hi Michelle,

      I had 1.5 yards of fabric on hand. How much you need really depends on how deep you want to make your slings. I made one of mine quite small, so I had some fabric left over.

      Good luck!

      – e

      • michelle says:

        I am assuming you can make the book sling as long as you want depending on how long your dowell are, correct? I love your nursery. It is amazing. Thank you for sharing and being so crafty, creative and making your blog so easy to follow!!!!

        • Erin says:

          Hi Michelle,

          Yes, you can definitely make the slings as long as your dowells are! I don’t recommend going much longer than I did (4 ft) because the support in the middle of the sling isn’t fantastic. They might sag in the middle if you go much longer!

          It is more than my pleasure to share; thanks for following along!

          – e

  7. WhoWhatLogos says:

    This is awesome…what a great DIY project for any room! It would look great on a bathroom wall with magazines or a sitting room with current catalogs, newspapers, and magazines.

  8. Jill says:

    This is exactly what I need for my nursery and I really apprecaite all of your links to learn how to create these wonderful book slings! What a perfect idea! THANK YOU and well done!!

  9. Justine says:

    Love the book slings! Where’d you find that fabric? I’m doing a yellow & green nursery and think that would complement perfectly!

  10. cinthia says:

    i love them! looks hard to make them ……. can u help me how to make them and, im interest on the skirt too.. i just start to learn how to swa…please send me more information if u can …… thanks

  11. Garden of EP says:

    What ended up being the height of each of your book slings? I like how you adjusted the height to accommodate smaller board books and would like to do the same when I make these. Will also be making the cornices! Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Erin says:

      Hi Garden of EP,

      I believe the larger one is about 10″ and the smaller one is about 5″. The baby is in his room sleeping right now, otherwise I would go in and measure!

      Hope that helps!

      – e

      • Garden of EP says:

        Thanks, Erin, for the measurements. That is close to what I was estimating would be good for our baby books.

  12. Heather says:

    As a teacher and future mom (due in June), I love the idea of book slings! My students usually ruin books on a bookshelf by shoving them in and the books end up inside of each other with ends curled and torn and spines broken. This seems like a much gentler way of storing them! I may have to work on these for my little boy’s room!

  13. Cindy says:


    This is so wonderful. I discovered this about 6 months ago and I can’t keep up. Friends and family love them. Thanks fro the great ideas. You are the best.

  14. Rebecca Fenley says:

    Such a cute, ingenious idea! Love this! I will have to put my ‘crafty hat’ back on soon if I keep reading your website! Thank you for sharing!

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