90s Music + Cute Elephants = Nursery art

{Pssst…find the full reveal of the finished nursery here!}

I didn’t intend to decorate our baby’s room with lyrics from a 1990s one-hit-wonder.  It just happened.  You see, I was searching Etsy and blogs for ideas on word art for the nursery, preferably focusing on the word love (because, hey, we plan on loving our baby boy.)  For some reason, these lyrics kept popping into my head:

Anyone recognize this?  If not, just Google “Donna Lewis, I love you always forever” and you’ll be brought back to 1996 faster than you can say Jerry Maguire.  I mean, the song did stick around at #2 on the Billboard charts for some time.  It could never surpass the Macarena, though.  Seriously.  That’s bad.

Anyway, the song might be cheesy and weird, but the sentiment is in the right place.  So I used Photoshop to plop down the one liner and printed it through Snapfish sized 11 x 14″. The whole project was less than $10 because I had the frame on hand already.

And the color?  Well, I’ve decided to throw some pops of green in among the yellow and gray.  You know, to break it up just a bit.

But, let’s get to the cute elephants.

I was totally surprised and amazed to open these handmade pieces at my recent shower.  One of my friends made them for me and they could not be more perfect!

I love the modern look and feel, and of course I love how they match perfectly with what I have planned for the room.  I am so excited to hang them!

And yes, that is my baby bump in the picture above.  I noticed that it was in the way when I started to frame the picture, but that’s my view these days, so I left it.  Apparently it sticks out enough for old ladies in the post office to ask me if I have triplets in there.   No.  It’s just one.  And I still have 7.5 weeks to go.  Thankyouverymuch.

So, do you think our child will be scarred  by the lyrics of bad 90s music?  Thank goodness we have the adorable elephants to balance things out!


  1. LOL – I love the belly shot. A coworker just had her little boy 6 weeks early and guys at work have been asking if she’s about ready to pop for months. No tact. 😉

    Love the artwork, but I’m not at all surprised. I love everything you do. You are a clever and creative gal.

  2. PS – Just spotted the artichoke votives on your wish list. I totally have 8 of these (almost identical) that I picked up for $2 at Hancock. I’ve never used them. Tell me how to use them. I’m just at a loss. I like them…. but I’m accessories-challenged.

  3. Allison says:

    I love those elephant prints! Those are wonderful! A nice pop of green is fun with your yellow and gray and the sentiment is sweet for your nursery.

  4. Shannon says:

    Both pieces of art are super cute! And there’s nothing I love more than cheap handmade art…especially for the nursery. It’s my rare sentimental moment. And 7 weeks left! agghhh! Enjoy the crap out of it & sleep as much as humanly possible :)

  5. Amanda Carson says:

    Will you sell me this green print? My little boy is due within 4 weeks and his poor nursery doesn’t have a thing on the walls. The colors are that exact green, yellow and blue and it would be just perfect…let me know! :)

  6. Jessica says:

    I LOVE this idea. I’m expecting my first son in April and would love something like this for his nursery. Is there anyway you could send me how you made the green print in photoshop? I would even purchase the file if you have it on hand and I will print it out myself! Thank you so much!

  7. SMartin says:

    Love, love your room. So unique and adorable. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your elephant height chart. I have a friend giving birth in September and her theme is elephants too. I haven’t found one online as cute as the one you have.

  8. SMartin says:

    Wow! I never expected a reply that fast. Thanks Erin!! I was just poking around on Etsy seeing if there were any creative ones available so this is perfect.
    Thank you, thank you!

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