Whose chair is it anyway?

Our little dog Frankie is about to experience his first major baby-related change.  It’s going to be rough.  And it’s going to break my little heart.

You see, we have this big green chair in our living room.  Despite being rather worn looking, it’s actually in great shape and is super comfortable.  The problem is that it’s too big for the space we have and it is awkwardly placed in the corner.  It’s rarely used by humans because it doesn’t provide the best TV viewing angle and, as a result, it’s become Frankie’s chair.

He loves sleeping and cuddling there (with a blanket, of course) while we watch TV, blog and generally hang out.  Plus he has a great view out the window…

In fact, Frankie is snoring in that chair right now as I type.  He loves his little spot.  What Frankie doesn’t know yet is that this chair is moving.  To the nursery.  It just seems like the perfect chair for bedtime stories as our little baby turns toddler.

Although I originally intended to buy this simple and cheap chair from Ikea (it’s even available to order online, which is amazing), I wondered why I would do that when we have a perfectly big, comfortable chair that is not really being used…except by Frankie.  And you know that I’d love to take on an upholstery project!

My sister made the great suggestion that we should move the chair soon so that Frankie doesn’t relate the big change directly with the baby.  But as he lays there now, it’s hard for me to imagine stealing “his” chair.  But whose chair is it anyway?

While I search out the perfect gray upholstery fabric, I’ll just let him sleep peacefully and dream about his new baby brother.

What a dog.


  1. Heather says:

    Aw, poor Frankie! I second the idea to move the chair now so that he doesn’t associate it with the baby. But I bet he’ll do great with the transition. Our dogs LOVE Jack. Oh goodness, it’s cute.

  2. Janis from Scotland says:

    OH poor old frankie………….I love him ..and he looks quite sad, as if he KNOWS. What about getting a cheaper comfy chair from IKEA for him? He’ll feel it big time when the baby comes along and his nose will definitely be put out of joint……………..loads of loving needed.

    P.S. Congrats Erin – sorry I’ve not been around!

  3. Awwww he looks so comfortable. It is going to be so sad to move that chair. But one thing I have learned about dogs….at least ours….they are adaptable creatures. Maybe if you just put a soft snuggly bed there he will be just as happy?

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