Tasty Tuesday: Delicious Doughnuts

You all know that I love to make things from scratch whenever possible.  But when I saw this doughnut mix in a Stonewall Kitchen email one day, I could hardly contain myself.   A pregnant lady needs fresh baked doughnuts.  And, using a Stonewall Kitchen mix is practically like baking from scratch, since all of the ingredients are recognizable and pronounceable.

On one of my recent trips to Vermont, I had stopped in the Stonewall Kitchen Company Store to score myself some doughnut mix and a cool new doughnut pan.  Clearly others had responded favorably to the email marketing because they were all out!  You can just imagine the poor store staff member who looked nervously from my stomach to my face and informed the crazy pregnant lady that she could not take her doughnut mix home.

When my friends at Stonewall caught wind of my predicament, they decided that they should send me a few things to try, including the doughnut mix and the baking pan!  Serious happy dances ensued, especially when the box arrived last week.  As it turns out, they brought joy to me and another crazy pregnant lady (my sister) who was visiting this past weekend.

What can I say, warm doughnuts straight from the oven are good.

As simple as the instructions were, I have to admit that it was touch and go for a little while.  After mixing up the dough, the directions inform you to pipe or spoon the  batter into the pan.  I thought my regular piping bag opening looked too small, so I loaded all the dough into a plastic bag and cut a way-too-large opening in the corner.  After filling one doughnut circle, I decided I needed to go back to the piping bag.  Transferring sticky dough is hard.  But eventually I ended up with a selection of random dough amounts…

My advice is to go with your piping bag.  If you think your circles are too small, pipe another round.

I was beginning to doubt that my doughnuts would look like the beautiful ones on the box, but I did not give up.  After about 10 minutes, the doughnuts came out and cooled for a bit.

Then they got a warm butter bath, followed by a roll in the cinnamon sugar topping.  Yum.

And sure enough, my somewhat oddly-sized doughnuts ended up looking nearly perfect and definitely edible!

They were pretty much gone in a matter of minutes.  But who could blame us?

Thanks a whole bunch to my friends at Stonewall Kitchen for sending this special gift my way.  I can’t wait to try some other doughnut recipes with my new pan!


  1. Kristen Paige says:

    Good advice!! I too can’t help but be drawn to the undeniable allure of Stonewall Kitchen mixes. I always read the ingredients as well because I like knowing how they do it (and the mystery of the exact amounts and process is equally enticing). And don’t worry, even the non-pregnant feel desperation when the words “out of” and “doughnuts” are in any way combined 😉

  2. cailen says:

    my mouth is watering! stonewall kitchen is a foodie’s mecca. i love visiting their store whenever we’re vacationing in camden, maine. i ALWAYS find something i need and i love trying all the samples : )

  3. Colleen says:

    I have always wanted to try out that mix and never have. But after reading your post, we will definitely be picking a box or two up very soon. Thank you for sharing.

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