Friday happiness…mandarin basil soap

I’m hard pressed to find a hand soap that I actually like.  For the longest time I settled for the anti-bacterial soap from Bath and Body Works, but I never really liked how it gobbed up on the end of the spout, or how it seemed to disappear within days.

When I attended the Stonewall Kitchen Cooking School, I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious smelling Mandarin Basil hand soap they had in the bathroom.  I think my friends and I used the facilities a few extra times, just to wash our hands!

Naturally, I picked up a bottle for our house and now I wish I had gotten a few.  It smells good, has just the right amount of lather, and it’s a pretty color to boot.  I’m sold.  Plus it says “fine home keeping” on the bottle, which must make up for the fact that my housekeeping isn’t fine, right?

It’s fair to say that this soap makes me happy every time I use it.  So, if you see me smelling my hands a lot, you’ll know why.  Now I might need to get the coordinating lotion, dish soap, candle…

What is making you happy today? Please share your Friday happiness in the comments and feel free to include a link to your recent inspiration, either on your blog, in your Flickr photos or in an online store or Etsy shop–anything goes.

Happy weekend!


  1. Janna says:

    The soap bottle is beautiful!

    What’s making me happy today? The sunshine! The forecast called for rain and clouds today, but it’s so sunny outside this morning. I think I’m going to get our our bikes and let the kids play outside all morning!

  2. Amazing how good smelling soap can make you so happy, isn’t it?! I usually just buy the cheap stuff, so on the occasions when we have the good stuff, I smile every time I wash my hands. :)

    I’m happy about our weather today, my new camera lens, and that it’s the weekend!

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