DIY Tissue Box Cover

As much as Kleenex tries, its tissue box designs never satisfy me.  Let’s be honest…I’m a tissue box snob.  We all have our issues.

You might have heard that I’m working on a budget bathroom makeover.  Well, I decided that I needed to accessorize the tissue box by pulling in the mustard yellow accent color that I am planning to use.  Luckily, I had the fabric on hand left over from another project.  For those of you who don’t want to stick around for the full DIY step-by-step, here’s the finished product:

For those of you who don’t mind hanging out for how-I-did-it photos and instructions, here you go!  (I made this up as I went along, so bear with me.  And if you have suggestions on an easier way to do this, please leave comment.)

First I measured the tissue box and created a pattern in Microsoft Word.  Since I’m nice, you can download the pattern and use it for yourself.  To start, print and cut out your patterns, then cut out the fabric (remember, you need two each of the side panels and just one top panel).

(Please ignore the hideous ironing board cover.  This is the ironing board that Chris contributed to our marriage, so that explains it, right?)

Anyway, your next step is to create the opening where the tissues come out.  Take your top panel, fold it in half lengthwise and cut notches about .75″ in, about 2″ from each edge.  Then, fold down the notched area and cut it out.  When you unfold, you’ll have a nice even opening that you can embellish later.

Sew the front and back panels to the top panel, placing right sides together and using the 1/2″ seam allowance.  (Don’t be fooled by your sewing machine guide, which might say 4/8″…it’s the same thing, after all.)

Next, line up the side panels so that the long side is matched up with the top panel.  See how the white fabric overlaps the seams below?  If it doesn’t do this, then you are using the wrong side of your side panel.  Now, when you are sewing this seam (again, right sides together) you only want to sew between the two top panel seams; this will leave the overhang available for sewing the front/back panels to the sides.  Are you following, because I’m not sure that I am!

Sew to the side panels to the top panel first, then keeping the whole thing inside out, adjust the fabric so that you can sew the sides of the front/back panels to the sides of the side panels, creating the cube shape.  Then repeat with the other side.  (That’s a lot of panels.)

Once you have all of the panels together, trim all of the seams and iron everything real nice and crisp.  Cool tissue box covers have crisp corners, okay?

Be sure to try your cover on for size throughout the process, especially at this point.  See how much overhang you have at the bottom and eyeball where you will hem it.  Then, use the skinny side of your ironing board (it’s there for a reason, after all!).  While it is inside out, fold up the bottom and press, creating a nice crisp hem all the way around.

Stitch around the hem, place it on the box and admire your work.  Then, decide how to embellish the opening.  I chose some white bias tape that I had hanging around from a lamp shade project, so I stitched that on and added some scraps of bathmat that I had from a project you’ll see later.  A hot glue gun works well for the embellishing part.

Now you have something you can easily slip on and off of tissue boxes as need be!

So, are your tissue boxes jealous yet?  Are you itching to download the pattern and get started?  Or do you think I’m just crazy (which, admittedly I am!).


  1. ariana says:

    Not that you need another project, but you could always make a ironing board cover in a more ‘pleasing’ pattern… :)

    Love your projects Erin, you have NEARLY inspired me to re-start a few of my long-stalled projects :)

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