Budget Bathroom Makeover: Curtains galore

In addition to painting this past weekend, our budget bathroom makeover made some serious steps forward.

You might remember that our initial design plan featured some pretty, modern curtains a focus point.  Let’s be honest, with that linoleum and eye-sore of a vanity, we needed to draw the attention elsewhere…like up to the ceiling and over to the window AND the shower curtain!

I was initially just planning to use a plain white shower curtain, but I loved the idea of extending the look of the curtains over to the shower.  So, surprise, surprise…I added a DIY shower curtain to the mix!

After painting the walls the nice grey-blue shade of Behr’s Pensive Sky, I pulled out the sewing machine and got to work.  You’ll have to forgive the fact that I haven’t gotten very good at photographing while sewing.  Truth be told, I get going so focused when I’m sewing that I forget about all of you.  Maybe when I get better at sewing you can have some pictures.  Deal?

I tackled the window panels first.  Knowing that I would simply use the curtain clips (I love that look) I used the same process as I did with my white guest room panels, which goes something like this:

  • Determine the desired finished width of each panel and cut the fabric at least 1.5 inches wider (for seam allowances).  Make sure your fabric is about a foot longer than what you want your finished panel to be.
  • One long edge at a time, fold over the raw edge (about 1/4 inch) and press well.  Then, fold this edge over one more time, so that it looks nice and finished.  (Be sure to use the steam setting on your iron and the edge will pretty much stay in place.)
  • Then, focus on the top edge.  Fold this one over about 1 inch the first time, then 2 inches the second time.  Sew straight across the top and everything will stay in place for the moment.
  • Next, hang your curtain on the clips.  Fold the bottom of the fabric to your desired length and mark accordingly.  Go back to your iron and press as needed, following the same steps as the top.  Sew across the bottom and call it good!
  • (If you have flimsy fabric, you will probably need to sew along all four edges.)

When you’re all done, admire how nice the fabric looks against the freshly-painted wall and new bamboo shade.

I was pretty tired at this point on Sunday evening, but I decided to forge forward.

I knew that I wanted to use my remaining 18 inches of fabric on either side of the shower curtain to mimic the window treatments, but I wasn’t sure what to use for the white fabric.  Well, as luck would have it, I found a beautiful high-thread-count flat white sheet (twin sized) at Goodwill while I was trolling for other finds.  It was perfect (after laundering, of course)!

I cut the fabric into two panels and, with right sides together, sewed one on each side of the sheet.  I folded/pressed the fabric at the top and bottom and sewed across so that the seams matched up with those on the sheet.  Some hemming was required, so I used the same technique as the curtains (hanging, folding, marking sewing.)

I had searched throughout our little rural Maine town for some ceiling mounted hardware for the curtains (like these), but I couldn’t find them anywhere.  I contemplated ordering them online, but for $5.00 I got two brushed nickel rods at Lowe’s and mounted them as close to the ceiling as possible.  The finished result isn’t as sleek as I imagined, but pretty close!

Of course, when you peek inside, the regular fabric liner is hung at a normal height.

In case you need help deciding how much of an improvement this is, let’s compare the before and after pics.

Here we have the before:

And after:

I’m dying to know what you think, so let’s hear it!  Are you like my husband and think that maybe the floor-to-ceiling fabric is a little overwhelming?  Do you think I should split the shower curtain so that it opens in the middle?  Or, do you like it just the way it is?

Psst…I’ve you’ve missed any part of this on-going makeover, be sure to check out the previous posts!  And stay tuned, because there is much more to come!

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  1. I love love love the fabric choice!

    And do your ceilings feel taller? They look taller in the pics! I wouldn’t have thought of hanging the pretty shower curtain up that tall, but I bet it makes your room feel much airy-er. If that’s a word! :)

  2. What a difference! It looks excellent! I still love the fabric you chose.

    And, I’m totally wishing I’d hung our curtain up higher. I forgot to tell Ryan and then I didn’t want to fill the drill holes and move it. Oh well. Next time!

  3. Nancy says:

    Floor to ceiling, fabric pattern, and a complete cover are a perfect way to take the attention off the floor. Good job!

    Stop by to see what I did with white sheets.

  4. Sarah says:

    You’ve done a lot of work in there! But I think maybe the window could use a valance which will tie the two panels together. And I think the shower curtain is great but would look nice split and then both sides tied back in the middle. Just a thought :)

    • Erin says:


      I’m so glad you said that about the shower curtain! More and more I’ve been thinking about slicing it down the middle. I think it will be easier for our guests to get in and out that way. I’m not one for ties, but I could see putting a silver curtain holder on one side to hold it back while people are using the shower. Valances aren’t really my thing either, but I could see how it would look nice to tie the curtains together!

      Thanks for your feedback; I love having all of the different perspectives!

      – e

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